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EcoPeace Treaties™ allows disease-susceptible rose varieties to tolerate diseases without any sprays and grow vigorously.

Dr. Jim Conroy mediated an EcoPeace Treaty between susceptible rose varieties and the diseases known as Black Spot and Powdery Mildew.

In the EcoPeace Treaty, the diseases agreed to live on only 20% of the leaves.  In return, the rose bushes agreed to be vigorously healthy in order to support the diseases’ life cycles.  Both the roses and the diseases can flourish under this agreement.

Usually, the diseases will strip all the leaves off of a rose bush, weakening or killing it.  But, at this test site and through the mediated EcoPeace Treaty, the bushes kept growing new leaves while the diseases remained on only 20% of the leaves.

What is an EcoPeace Treaty™?

  • Communicating intuitively and from the heart with Living Beings.
  • Determining how two or more members of an ecosystem––possibly “invasives”––can live in dynamic balance.
  • Mediating an agreement between those Living Beings based on their needs, not human needs.

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