Brant Lake, New York, Milfoil Ecosystem Study

Brant Lake is at least 5 miles long, located north of Lake George in New York State.  This lake has been filled with Milfoil — considered an invasive “weed” —  for at least 15 years.

New York State has a progressive law which does not allow chemicals in lake waters.  The residents around this lake are enthused to have a holistic option which can help the ecosystems to come into dynamic balance.

Dr. Conroy’s approach is unconventional.  He establishes a form of mutual communication with this water-based organism to find out how both it and the other lake life forms might co-exist.

This story is detailed in the book Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems, which can be found at the sister website

Treatment locations:

Brant Lake: "Beachhead" location.

Brant Lake: “Beachhead” location.

Brant Lake "Holdman Cove" Location

Brant Lake “Holdman Cove” Location

Brant Lake "Sunset Lodge" Location

Brant Lake “Sunset Lodge” Location

Brant Lake "Grassville Road" Location

Brant Lake “Grassville Road” Location

Brant Lake "The Rock" Location

Brant Lake “The Rock” Location

Brant Lake "Lake End" Location

Brant Lake “Lake End” Location

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