At Guyan Golf and Country Club, Huntington, West Virginia, the Golf Course Superintendent likes to be on the cutting edge of new ideas and practices to reduce pesticide usage on golf course turf.

He and Dr. Jim mediated an EcoPeace Treaty™ with the turf and potential diseases on the greens.

  • Diseases agreed to live on the “collar” of the green.
  • Turf agreed to support the diseases by giving them a place to live.  Also, the turf lives to support the diseases, rather than falling out of community and dying. Thus, it has a purpose
  • The Superintendent agreed to this situation: as long as the disease stayed off the greens, he would not take any action to use pesticides against the disease.
  • All agreed to operate by the principle:  live-and-let-live.

P1210337-EPT-TurfDisease-JasonThree days after making the EcoPeace Treaty, the Superintendent emailed photos from his iPhone.  He showed that the disease––a circular pattern in the turf––showed up ONLY on the collar, not on the green, as per the EcoPeace Treaty.