CLICK TO SEE THE WHOLE SLIDE SHOW....Read the whole story below..... 2011. The EcoPeace Treaty work of Dr. Jim Conroy started in this apple orchard in 2011. Buds turned into a bounty of beautiful apples with minimal disease issues. The disease organisms, the apple trees, and the property owners came to a mutual agreement so that all could co-exist and Live and Let Live.
EPT duo alford apples 2011
2012. The EcoPeace Treaty and BioBalancing of the whole property resulted in a wonderful crop of clean apples. Diseases remained inside of the 10% agreement.
EPT duo apples 2012
2013. Despite a harsh pruning, BioBalancing and EcoPeace Treaties worked!
EPT duo 2013 pruning
2014. These lovely Apple blossom buds were healthy on April, but a late hard freeze in the whole Alford, MA, valley burned off the blossoms. There were very few apples anywhere in the valley that year.
P1340864  Apple Buds Blossoms
June 23, 2015. Young apples have set. Dr. Jim Conroy has set the EcoPeace Treaty in place between the apple trees and the disease organisms that normally live on the leaves.
CBB Duo 062315 apples
October 17, 2015. It's best harvest since EcoPeace Treaty work started with these Apples and their diseases in 2011. Incidence of disease on the leaves and fruit was within the 10% agreement of the EcoPeace Treaty.
CBB Duo 101715 apples
Basia Alexander on the left. Property owner on the right. In 2015, the property owner was delighted with the crop. She had the wonderful problem of having to find enough friends, farms, soup kitchens, and others to share in the bounty!

Updated for 2017

EcoPeace Treaty Research, Alford, Massachusetts, with Apple trees.

This large backyard has a very old, small apple orchard close to the house. In the early years of their ownership, these homeowners were dismayed that the apple trees produced misshapen and diseased apples, if the trees produced apples at all. Yet, the owners refused to use chemical anywhere on their property.

In the first year of Dr. Jim Conroy’s Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaty ecosystem treatments, one of the trees that rarely produced any apples gave a bounty! The rest of the apple trees provided bushels and bushels of big, beautiful, clean, crisp and tasty apples.

Apple-EPT-w-WEESThe EcoPeace Treaty is a triangular format,  three parties indicate what they need in order to survive and thrive. 
Then, in order to live in dynamic balance, each parties agrees to offer some action into the mutual agreement.

For more information about improving the he Apple trees’ health with the technologies Tree Whispering, Green Centrics, and Cooperative BioBalance, please go to the Video: Unclogging the Straws.

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