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The “Dynamic Balance” Analogy:

If a band is playing a really good song and a new musician comes in, that new musician is likely to add harmony into that song.  That is dynamic balance.

However, if a bunch of musicians are sitting around, each playing their own tune and a new musician comes in, then there is no harmony to fit into.  The new musician might be considered “invasive.”

It is similar in an ecosystem.

Band AnalogyDynamic balance in the whole ecosystem invites new members to fit into the harmony.

However, most ecosystems are already fragmented; ecosystem members are not longer making beautiful music together.

Reversing the causes––such as pollution, disruption, etc.––does not guarantee the re-establishment of harmony between species.

The technologies of Cooperative BioBalance, including EcoPeace Treaties™, reestablish communication between species and rejuvenate harmony in the ecosystem.

Dr. Jim Conroy’s ecosystem insights:  insects or disease organisms which are in dynamic balance within an ecosystem

  • do not have to react aggressively
  • do not have to reproduce in extreme numbers

The Principle of Live-and-Let-Live can prevail between the trees, insects, disease organisms, and other living Beings in the ecosystem.