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EcoPeace Treaties

They are mediated agreements in Ecosystems with the living Beings of Nature.

An EcoPeace Treaty is a safe, effective way for insects and disease organisms, including “invasives,” to collaborate with trees and plants of all kinds for mutual support in the ecosystems, for co-existence, and for restoration of Health in Nature.

An EcoPeace Treaty is a safe and effective way for people to interact with Nature on this small planet without intervening, disrupting, using chemicals or attempting to control Nature. and to do so while coming from the trees’ point of view, or insects’ point of view, or other organisms’ point of view—not their own human point of view.

EcoPeace Treaites work because they are easy-to-learn holistic, bioenergy, consciousness-based techniques.

EcoPeace Treaties are a game-changing innovation that moves human practices to collaborating with Nature’s living Beings–such as insects, disease organisms, and “invasives”—while coming from those Beings’ POV.   This leading-edge thinking makes killing in ecosystems obsolete.


EcoPeace Treaties are part of the Cooperative BioBalance suite of approaches that are totally eco-safe treatment can re-establish dynamic balance in Nature; no killing necessary.

Dr. Jim Conroy, co-author of Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide says, “Insects and disease organisms are NOT the bad guys—every living Being has a purpose.”

Healing weak trees’ inner health and holistically interconnecting living Beings in their ecosystem–so that they co-exist in dynamic balance–is a better way than killing.

Products are not used or needed.

With hands-on bioenergy healing techniques (as used in some hospitals), the inner health of trees and plants and whole ecosystems can be rejuvenated.