Consider Something Different to Help Ash Trees

Is killing the answer?

With the Ash Trees and the Emerald Ash Borer it hasn’t worked yet.

This insect was a hitch-hiker from Asia, probably in some lumber.  It came into the Great Lakes and began spreading through Michigan to the east.  In just about 15 years, it’s found it’s way into New England states, and even to Colorado.  How could a little, tiny insect get that far?  In firewood.  People have moved firewood and spread the Emerald Ash Borer from town to town.

It is being blamed for the death of millions of Ash trees.  But what most people don’t know is that Ash trees were already unhealthy and weak from a series of other diseases and insects.  So, when this new insect arrived, the Ash trees simply succumbed. They had no inner strength left to deal with the insect.

What the insect does is lay eggs in the bark, which become larvae.  The larvae tunnel just under the bark for as much as 2 years, eating the nutrients and using the water meant for the tree.  This activity can kill a weak tree. And, since the Emerald Ash Borer was discovered, it has been under human attack.  So, what does it do? It reacts as any other living Being would.  It gets defensive and  increases its reproductive rate.  So the already sick trees didn’t have a chance.

Conventional approaches seek to kill this newcomer.  But will the chemicals and the other various assaults ever be able to wipe the Borer insect out of the ecosystems is has entered?  No. Well-meaning tree-care people even suggest a response that seems insane: cutting down living Ash trees just so that the insect won’t have a place to feed.  But they can never cut them all down.

And why would the insect want to destroy its own food source?  Can anyone imagine that it wants to kill all the Ash trees?

Can balance be restored in ecosystems so that insects don’t exterminate their host?

Can balance restored in the human mind so that people don’t exterminate either insects or trees? 


Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer and Master BioBalancer and his business partner, Ms. Basia Alexander have another solution: Cooperative BioBalance, Tree Whispering, and EcoPeace Treaties.

A Different Way To Think

Cooperative BioBalance is a hands-on, bio-energy balancing, holistic approach which restores  feedback-loop functionality to the inner processes of trees, plants, and other living organisms.  EcoPeace Treaties are 3-way agreements in Nature between a so-called harmful organism, its host, and the people responsible for the property.

For example, an EcoPeace Treaty can be between a disease organism and a tree species and the land-owner, or between an invasive insect and a tree species and the property owner, or between an animal such as deer, human food-plants, and the responsible people on the land.

An EcoPeace Treaty should be understood in the context of a new kind of thinking.  Since quantum and biological sciences are proving that everything is connected to everything, it follows that everyone can develop intuitive and sensory communication with the deep intelligence in Nature because the bioenergy fields of all living Beings overlap.

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander teach people how to do this intuitive and intentional kind of communication in their books and classes—it is called “Tree Whispering®.

An EcoPeace Treaty works because a facilitator—such as Dr. Jim Conroy—uses consciousness-based interaction techniques.  There are no products used at all, ever.

How Can You Begin?

No matter where you live, you can begin by helping your trees to stay healthy.  That DOESN’T always mean giving them fertilizer.  A mature tree rarely needs fertilizer.  If you have Ash trees, this is particularly important.  What they need i:

  • deep watering when it is very hot and/or dry,
  • a tiny bit of organic leaf compost (not manure) spread all around up to their drip line to help their roots interact with microorganisms in the soil, (this frees nutrients)
  • and attentive caring from you.

Another thing you can do is offer the trees-especially the Ash trees–intentional messages from your heart.  We call those “Healing Whispers.”  People did just that and saved their trees during Hurricane Sandy.  You can find the Healing Whispers at our sister site called

And you can read-up on this new approach that will show killing is obsolete in ecosystems.

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