How EcoPeace Treaties Will Restore Natural Processes with Ash Trees

We feel that our EcoPeace Treaty approach will eventually result in the restoration of natural processes.  The first steps of the Cooperative BioBalance® and EcoPeace Treaty® techniques are to use intentional consciousness practices to improve the health of trees and to bioenergetically reconnect the ecosystem members.

When a tree becomes stressed or sick, it naturally attracts insects.

For example, healthier Ash trees are less likely to attract the insects.  Therefore, the insects will go to trees that are already in decline.  That is called “natural attrition”, and is a normal process in Nature.

When the trees and insects are bioenergetically interconnected and have forged their own EcoPeace Treaty, then the trees will regain their health and the insects won’t kill their food source.  When no longer threatened, the insects also do not have to over-reproduce in order to protect their survive.  All living Beings want to live.

Thus, an EcoPeace Treaty is the philosophy of LIVE AND LET LIVE in practice.



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