Backyard Gardener Wants an EcoPeace Treaty

Victoria has used her small back yard to grow food and beauty in an urban setting.  She has a raised bed vegetable garden, fruit trees, a container garden, flowering hedges, and a tiny bit of poison ivy.

She wanted Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer’s® help with it–not getting rid of it–by making an EcoPeace Treaty. Luckily, she is not allergic to it. She believes that all living Beings, even including poison ivy, have a right to live.

The group: Victoria and Dr. Conroy as the people, the poison ivy as the “unwanted” organism,  and the plants of the garden as the third parties involved in the agreement, had a kind of a “meeting” through a mindful, intuitive process.

EPT_Generic-TriangleIn the triangular EcoPeace Treaty format, the three parties indicated that they wanted to live and were willing to co-exist in peace.  In other words, within the context of her backyard ecosystem, all living Beings would be welcome and could again communicate with each other in a primordial way. This is despite the fact that they currently live in an urban, highly human-influenced environment.

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