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2013 Deer LOVE Hosta, But Don’t Eat the Marked Beds

Only a few beds of Hosta were marked with flags on the EcoPeace Treaty research property.  Those were the bed nearest to the demonstration gardens.

Since the deer were getting what they wanted in the scope of the EcoPeace Treaty–food in the forest, water, safety, and respect from the people–they were avoiding those marked bed.

Many other beds of Hosta were located all around the farm house.  Those were not flagged so the deer did not avoid those, since they love Hosta.  This shows that the deer were keeping their agreement within the EcoPeace Treaty.

Please notice that the beautiful pears on a young pear tree are intact, untouched by the deer since that area was flagged also.

On the same day, August 21, 2013, the rest of the demonstration gardens were in good shape.

In August, the grasses that surround the small stream in the valley are maturing.

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