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May 6, 2014. Ash trees are leafing-out late after a harsh and long winter
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2012 – 2013: Overwintering Ash Tree

As a tree goes into dormancy, it is very important that it is able to distribute its energy properly between the leaf-buds for the following spring and the roots. To ensure that the Ash trees would be able to leaf-out effectively in the spring, Dr. Jim did some special treatments at all the locations in October.

Dr. Jim’s special process helps the trees distribute their food and resources properly from leaf-buds to roots.

When he was wrapping up his research study treatment in 2012 at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Dr. Jim Conroy used his intuitive communication interface with the Ash trees to find out when they wanted him to come back. Starting the Co-Existence Technologies® and EcoPeace Treaties™ treatments early — as the Emerald Ash Borer’s larvae are just becoming active — is key to the treatment process.
The Ash trees said “February 19th.” So today is when he went back.

Here is his photo of the Ash tree we call “Main” on the Omega campus.



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