This Ash tree deep in the forest was hit by lightening.
P1250236 lightening hit
This Ash tree deep in the forest was hit by lightening.
P1250245 street mike ash
P1250253 power lines Mike
P1250254 street mike ash

85 acres added to Ash/EAB study in Sharon, CT, USA

This beautiful Ash tree in front of the main house in Sharon, CT, USA, is now part of the Ash tree and Emerald Ash Borer research study in the Hudson Valley. Mike has 85 beautiful acres covered with about 30% Ash trees.
The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has not be reported in the area. According to Dr. Jim Conroy, the Sharon site should become dynamically balanced and healthy. If the EAB does fly into the area, the EAB should not be attracted to trees on the property because the whole ecosystem will be bioenergetically interconnected, sharing information, and dimensionally whole.

The idea behind the research study is to bring up the health of the entire ecosystem so that the EAB and and Ash trees can co-exist. In other words, Ash trees can thrive even with EAB larvae feeding on their tissues; EAB won’t kill the trees. The philosophy is called “Live-And-Let-Live.”

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