EPT TriangleLogo3x3What is an EcoPeace Treaty?

It’s a 3-way agreement in Nature between a so-called harmful organism, its host, and the people responsible for the property.

For example, an EPT can be between a disease organism and a tree species and the land-owner, or between an invasive insect and a tree species and the property owner, or between an animal such as deer, human food-plants, and the responsible people on the land.

An EcoPeace Treaty should be understood in the context of a new kind of thinking.  Since quantum and biological sciences are proving that everything is connected to everything, it follows that everyone can develop intuitive and sensory communication with the deep intelligence in Nature because the bioenergy fields of all living Beings overlap.  Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander teach people how to do this intuitive and intentional kind of communication in our books and classes—it is called “Tree Whispering®.”

An EcoPeace Treaty works because a facilitator—such as Dr. Jim Conroy—uses consciousness-based interaction techniques.  There are no products used at all, ever.

Consciousness-based intentionality is a proven process in human and animal healing techniques.  Of course, trees and plants are alive, so consciousness-based intentionality works with them too.

How is an EcoPeace Treaty done?

  • Communicating intuitively and from the heart with Living Beings.
  • Determining how two or more members of an ecosystem––possibly “invasives”––can live in dynamic balance.
  • Mediating an agreement between those Living Beings based on their needs, not human needs.

Dr. Jim’s Roles: Mediate the deal. Bring back health of ecosystem & trees. Connect & interconnect.

Fundamental Principles of EcoPeace Treaties

  • An agreement between two or more living beings, such as a tree and an insect.
  • In the agreement, both living beings find a way to “live and let live.”
  • In the agreement, the person serves as a mediator ONLY and does not attempt to impose his or her will on the living beings.

What is involved with making an EcoPeace Treaty?

  • Communicating intuitively and from the heart with two living beings.
  • Being neutral and without preference.
  • The person must come from the living beings’ point of view.
  • The person cannot have an agenda, want to control the outcome, or want to make the living beings do something for the person’s benefit.
  • Engaging in a mediation that determines how the living beings can live in dynamic balance.  This mediation is done through an open, receptive intuitive process called Co-Existence Technologies®.